The “GéPéBé” is a meeting place for suppliers of food and nonfood products for the composers of Christmas hampers and gift packages.

At the “GéPéBé” the composers of Christmas hampers can be inspired by the variety of products offered and select their collection for the upcoming Christmas season. Exhibitors are reliable suppliers (both for food and for nonfood) for Christmas hampers composers and have a lot of experience in this specific market.
The cooperative ‘WGDP’ is the responsible organizer of the gift packages exhibition “GéPéBé”, and will be held annually in spring at the Autotron in Rosmalen (Netherlands).
This joint initiative has been more than 35 years a success, with the informal interaction between suppliers and composers of Christmas hampers .
For more information about “GéPéBé” and / or the Cooperative Association “WGDP” please send an e-mail message to contact us:

Exhibition 2023: February 14-16 , Autotron Rosmalen, the Netherlands